Big Data Perspective and Strategy: Stewart Hanna, IBM

Stewart Hanna from IBMs Big Data Group describes the global explosion in the amount of unstructured data, commonly referred to as Big Data. NES (New England Systems hosted a Big Data educational event in Boston, MA featuring Hanna and other Big Data and Netezza Data Warehousing experts.

Running Time: 45:30

Stewart has over fifteen years of experience promoting Enterprise Data Management and Governance, through roles such as Technical Sales Leader Australia / New Zealand, Worldwide Product Management and Worldwide Sales, each focused on Integration, Governance and Big Data. Experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations and Customer Service helped him to become a very successful leader within Asia Pacific before relocating to the US. He has a proven track record and a deep understanding of the value IBM’s Solutions deliver to clients. Stewart is currently focused on expanding IBM’s Big Data business by helping clients adopt innovative techniques and technologies to address the challenges of Big Data and capitalize on the opportunities.

While Big Data presents a challenge, it also offers an enormous opportunity for new insights into businesses and their customers and stakeholders. IBM’s Big Data platform leverages leading-edge technologies to open the door to a world of possibilities. In this presentation Hanna shares Case Studies of successful Big Data initiatives across a variety of business and organizations.

IBM’s premier Big Data solution is Netezza, a purpose-built, standards-based data warehouse that architecturally integrates database, server and storage into a single, easy to manage system. Netezza is designed for rapid analysis of data volumes into the petabytes, delivering 10-100X performance improvements, at one third the cost of other options available from traditional database vendors.

Many enterprises are evaluating the deluge of possibilities to collect and analyze data on virtually every aspect of their business. While this staggering growth can place enormous pressures on IT, it also presents huge business opportunities for those ready to derive insights by analyzing this Big Data. Big Data offers companies completely new ways to use enterprise data to expand business insights and increase competitiveness. Yet, many enterprises lack the resources required to build Big Data solutions capable of analyzing these volumes and deriving solid conclusions that relate to their business objectives. And, for many companies the hardest question is where do I start? Which projects will deliver the biggest returns fastest and how can I reduce risk and minimize project time to deliver value to my business more quickly? NES helps organizations answer those questions.

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