Leveraging Big Data and Analytics to Improve Outcomes in Higher Education

Join IBM and NES for an executive briefing that will explore how Big Data & Analytics technologies are being used to improve student performance and drive greater operational efficiency.

For most colleges and universities, technology has been viewed as a means to support administrative functions. Today, however, there is growing interest to access, aggregate and analyze not only data within the institution, but beyond the campus. And an even greater demand to turn all this data into useful information for decision-making purposes. Big Data & Analytics are enabling this transformation as data becomes a strategic asset in education.

Institutions have many student engagement points that can benefit from analytics and big data-from initial profiling to alumni giving. Whether it’s monitoring student performance data in order to make student-specific recommendations, or analyzing social media data to assess current sentiment relative to the university’s brand and how that might impact student acquisition or alumni giving, institutions are leveraging their data and the vast amount of external, open source data captured by other institutions and state governments.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The Role of Technology in Transforming Higher Education
  • Education & the Information Challenge
  • Analytics Enabling Personalized Education
  • IBM’s Academic Initiative: Building Skills for a Smarter Planet
  • Interactive Q & A with Presenters and Industry Analyst
  • Door prize drawing

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