NES Educational Approach: Workshops, Training & Mentoring for IBM Cognos & Businesss Analytics

Leo Couglin, NES, is an IBM Cognos Solutions Architect, and he invites you to learn more about the revolutionary business intelligence workspace, included in Cognos, that enables business users to access virtually all types of data in any time horizon.

Running Time: 1:47

Our Cognos and Business Intelligence workshops and webinars teach and train users how to use IBM analytics to:

  • assemble, personalize, analyze and interact with information through a dashboard-style interface.
  • see information in a way that supports their personal decision making style.
  • from the same workspace, hone in on a single report object and add additional data or perform deeper analysis.

NES has been in business for 33 years and we’ve always been focused on data. But now, it’s about the liberation of data – with solutions like IBM Netezza, Big Insights and Cognos, we are educating and empowering our customers to make better, more informed decisions about their business and ultimately, to achieve their goals.
Our goal with NES’ educational focus is to empower your team to get the most from your Cognos investment. When we come onsite, we are able to target your specific business goals and maximize the training experience. In our opinion, training and transfer of knowledge is essential to maximizing ROI and the true business value of Cognos.

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