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The NES 360 degree view of the customer solution is a set of services designed to help customers better understand their customer’s behaviors and identify areas of revenue opportunity. The solution is comprised of 3 supporting technology areas, a data integration layer, a data warehouse appliance layer and a BI/Reporting layer. (All or some of these technologies may be included in a solution implementation depending on customer need)

Built around IBM Puredata for Analytics (aka, Netezza) as the data warehouse appliance, customers can either choose to integrate their data into Puredata/Netezza with the IBM information Server suite of products, NES’ purpose built data integration appliance for IBM Puredata, SQL Maestro, or an existing data integration technology. Once the data warehouse is populated with customer “master data”, we then develop an integration strategy around IBM Cognos to provide a dashboard/reporting interface that allows business users to interact with the customer data.

The NES 360 degree view of the customer solution provides an end to end business application giving the client a holistic view of customer behavior. From an IT perspective, it bridges the gaps that exist between information management technologies (e.g., data integration and warehousing) and analytic solutions (e.g.,business intelligence, predictive analytics and data visualization).

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