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Start Small & Generate Big Results with PureData for Analytics

Learn how Atlantic Tele-Network (ATN) gained competitive advantage through faster customer insight with PureData business analytics with NES. Leveraging business data more efficiently and effectively allows ATN to make more informed business decisions, uncovering new insights into their markets and opportunities. ATN worked with NES to implement PureData, their first data warehouse implementation. Working with […]
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Learn How to Use IBM Cognos on Your Mobile Device: Nov. 13

Please join us on Thursday, November 13 to try IBM Cognos Mobile for yourself and see how to give remote users the information they need while on the road. In the office or on the go, IBM Cognos Mobile extends interactive Cognos Business Intelligence to a broad range of mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android tablets.  Users […]
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Should You Buy Technology Directly From a Vendor? The Value of Channel Relationships

About two years ago, one of our long time customers approached us and mentioned that they were developing a procurement strategy that mandated all technology purchases are to be executed directly through the manufacturer.   They felt that when they purchase software or hardware, it would simplify their internal process by dealing directly with the […]
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Would You Put Your Data Warehouse/Analytics Platform In The Cloud?..IBM Watson Analytics

Recently, IBM announced that it was launching Watson Analytics.  This solution is supposed to make analytics available for every department-especially non-IT groups.  Watson analytics is touted as a cloud based analytics platform that allows you to store, manipulate, analyze data, historically and predictively, to see what’s occurring and what may occur.  The beauty of this […]
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A CMO Storyline-Hadoop and Cognos Sentiment Analytics

                      The sentiment analytics dashbord was built by NES.  It was designed to illustrate how a “big data” solution, e.g., Hadoop or the IBM Puredata Data Warehouse Appliance Family of Products, can be integrated with a Business Intelligence/Visualization solution, e.g., IBM Cognos, to derive business […]
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“Big Data”….More Like “Relative Data”!

I was in a meeting with a customer the other day.  We were discussing the features and functionality of various “Big Data” technologies, specifically Hadoop.  The customer acknowledged that he had run tests with Hadoop, but his organization was not ready to go any further because they didn’t have “Big Data”.  My comment to this […]
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High-Performance Analytics & Reporting on Terabytes of Data with IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes

Please join us on Thursday, September 18 for a free, interactive workshop to learn about the features and benefits of IBM Dynamic Cubes. IBM Cognos 10.2 introduced Dynamic Cubes which enhance a user’s ability to perform complex analytics and reporting on large data sets – up to terabytes – of warehouse data. Some of the advantages […]
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Self-Service Data Access for the Business User: Integrating Cognos and Tableau

Please join us on Wednesday, August 27 at 11:00A EDT for a one-hour webinar on how business users can quickly and easily access the data they need in a self-service fashion. IBM Cognos is a very powerful tool, but it can be complex for business-level reporting.  NES has designed a solution that allows businesses to maximize […]
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2014 Data Breach Security Forecast-Who Should be Concerned?

By Liam O’Heir Here is an excerpt from Experian’s 2014 Data Breach Security Forecast.  I found this paper very interesting.  It calls out some of the top industries most likely to be impacted by security breaches this year.  It also highlights the fact that many organizations have written “plans” focused around security threats, but have […]
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Integrate Data Sources to Data Warehouse Appliances Using ELT

Many organizations that we speak with have an interest in leveraging a data warehouse appliance in their infrastructure.  Historically, a data warehouse project was a monumental effort that required very specialized skill, seven figures in capital budget and up to twelve months to get meaningful results from the source.  As we all know, appliances have […]
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