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Cognos Services by NES

NES wants to ensure that your IBM Cognos solution is configured to meet your business goals, and that your investment is maximized. Period. That means making sure you’re neither under- nor over- equipped. Our Service Offerings are designed to do exactly that.

These “packages” are based on our long-term experience with Cognos users. And while we describe these as packages, at the same time, we remain flexible to your exacting needs and project specifications.
We’ve been at this long enough to know that great service has to be tailored and that there is no such thing as one size fits all. Read more about NES Cognos Services Offerings(PDF).

IBM Cognos Service Package Summary
Cognos Upgrades and Migrations Provides Cognos customers with:

  • Thorough knowledge of the migration process with a targeted examination of your unique environment.
  • Defines the scope of migration and its costs, benefits and risks.
  • Identifies tasks, activities and deliverable s for each phase of the migration
  • Includes a high-level training strategy to enhance user skills in your organization
Cognos Health Check Provides Cognos customers with:

  • Comprehensive post-implementation assessment of IBM Cognos BI applications.
  • Application design recommendations for increased user adoption and self-service. 
  • Improved performance and scalability to help increase user satisfaction.
  • Improved application and platform security to help mitigate risk. 
  • Streamlined maintenance, administration, and support processes for lower cost of ownership.
Cognos Architecture Targeted to assist Cognos customers with:

  • Determining configuration and distribution of Cognos components to meet business intelligence objectives
  • Answering questions relative to hardware utilization, proven practices for fail over, disaster recovery and load balance/distribution
Cognos Application Design Targeted to assist Cognos customers with:

  • Data source design
  • Metadata design
  • Report design
  • Portal design
  • Security design
  • Operations design and procedures
  • Change management design