Cognos Software & Support Renewals

Renew with New England Systems – we will review your needs and usage for potential significant savings

Renewing your IBM Cognos Software Subscription and Support is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your software investment. When you take the opportunity to review your needs with us before you renew, we may identify products that are outdated, or perhaps not even being used, and save your company money!. We welcome the opportunity to provide this no-cost evaluation so that you pay for only what you need – and not a penny more.

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Software and support renewal makes good sense – it saves you time, it saves you money and it ensures uninterrupted access to vital technical support and product upgrades – features that can make a real difference to you your bottom line.

Reviewing and then renewing your IBM Cognos Software Subscription and Support is smart, and easy

Contact Us TodayJust contact NES and we will come in, meet with you, and develop a software and support renewal package tailored to your business needs, and friendly to the bottom-line.

Active Software Subscription and Support delivers real value

With IBM Software Subscription, you get:

  • Access to new releases and versions of your installed IBM Software—helping to reduce your software acquisition expenses.
  • The option to receive notifications of new product releases and technical support updates—you choose the notifications you wish to receive and when to upgrade.
  • The latest technology from IBM—ensuring that your IT environment is responsive, reliable and ready for growth and change.

With IBM Technical Support, you get:

  • Cross-platform software technical support—around the clock and around the world.
  • Online technical support including enhanced self-help and search capabilities.
  • Voice support for new deployments, migration, and code-related questions.
  • Fast problem resolution by phone for all “Severity 1” situations—24 hours a day, seven days a week—and you decide when and what to classify as a “Severity 1”.
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