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Data Security Vulnerability Assessment

SQL injection attacks, hackers and insiders with malicious intentions are continuing to target databases containing organizations’ most valuable data, such as customer records, financial information, employee PII and credit card data. With the explosion of data and adoption of new computing models such as cloud, enterprise data environments are becoming more complex and require a greater effort to monitor and protect.

Data infrastructures are highly dynamic, with changes in accounts, configurations and patches occurring regularly. Most organizations lack the centralized control or skilled resources to review changes systematically to determine if they have introduced security gaps. Identifying database vulnerabilities such as unpatched systems and misconfigured privileges, and preventing unauthorized changes, enable organizations to proactively address a range of internal and external threats, while addressing regulatory compliance requirements.

Database vulnerability assessment is essential as it identifies threats and security holes in databases which could be exploited by intruders and hackers to gain access to sensitive data. Database vulnerabilities if exploited, can lead to monetary, reputation and informational losses for an organization.

Database Vulnerability Assessments help evaluate the security strength of your database environment and compare it with industry best practices. These in-depth evaluations examine patch levels and database configurations to highlight vulnerabilities in your environment—so you can quickly remediate problems and safeguard your critical enterprise data from internal and external threats.

InfoSphere Guardium Vulnerability Assessment Solution helps harden database infrastructures by scanning targeted database infrastructures on a scheduled basis to detect vulnerabilities, and recommends concrete actions to strengthen security. The solution enables organizations to eliminate the enormous risk created by insecure database configurations, missing databases patches, weak passwords and other vulnerabilities, while eliminating costs through automation.

The InfoSphere Guardium Database Vulnerability Assessment solution produces summary results that can provide an understanding of your overall security posture, along with detailed drill-downs containing concrete recommendations for improvement.

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