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PureData for Analytics Test Drive

The value of data through the use of analytics has never been more critical for businesses.  Yet, small to mid-sized customers have not been able to take advantage of these big data and analytic platforms due to their complexity and high cost.

With IBM’s recent announcement of PureData Systems for Analytics (PDA) N3001-001, an “ultra light” version of the original PDA appliance, designed specifically for small to mid-sized business, all customers now can afford to derive revenue potential and operational benefits from analyzing and acting on their data.

This new IBM PureData for Analytics appliance includes:

  • Faster CPU Processing;
  • Improved Disk Security;
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence Ready;
  • Components of Business Intelligence;
  • Data Integration;
  • Hadoop Services;
  • Real-Time Analytics.

These features bring speed and simplicity to mid-sized organizations, allowing them to leverage all their data for a fraction of the usual cost.

NES is the only IBM Business Partner able to offer a PROOF of CONCEPT (POC) of this technology, onsite or remotely, by NES Data Experts.  The POC details are as follows:

  • An NES team professional will work with you to define goals and key business objectives to ensure the POC hits the mark.
  • Utilizing your data and and one of your own selected queries to demonstrate how PureData for Analytics (PDA) performs compared to the same query made with your existing analytics tool.
  • Entire process is completed from start to finish in a matter of days.
  • POC conclusion will result in a full disclosure report, which outlines steps taken to prep, load and execute your analytic workload along with all associated performance results.

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