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IBM’s PureData for Analytics (Netezza) provides a family of data warehouse appliances and software products that allow you to easily deploy high-performance data analytics across your entire enterprise.

NES is pleased to offer IBM PureData’s ground-breaking, purpose-built, standard-based data warehouse appliances.  These appliances architecturally integrate database, server and storage into a single, easy to manage system. Organizations are using PureData appliances to:

• Exploit the power and simplicity of a purpose-built appliance for high speed metrics

• Improve the quality and timeliness of business intelligence

• Query data at lightning speed efficiently and economically

Learn from Tim Tadeo, IBM PureData Principal Systems Engineer, in this webinar as he demystifies “Appliances” and illustrates quick time to value for users:

PureData for Analytics’s Approach

PureData for Analytic appliances prove that data warehousing doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of spending time making data warehouses run efficiently, PureData users deploy purpose-built data warehouse appliances that solve business problems. PureData data warehouse appliances are installed quickly and easily, integrate with your preferred ETL and BI tools and can be largely left alone to get on with the job.

The 5th generation of PureData appliances, The Netezza Striper™ data warehouse appliance, is the first in a family of four appliances which comprises a high-capacity system that scales to five petabytes, a memory-intensive system for extreme performance and an entry level system.

The PureData data warehouse appliance is proven to provide true business value to customers very quickly with minimal investments of money, time, and effort.

Netezza Data Warehousing Appliances – Data Sheet


Netezza pioneered the data warehouse appliance market in 2003 with the Netezza Performance Server (NPS), the world’s first data warehouse appliance. Netezza appliances architecturally integrate database, server and storage into a single, easy to manage system that requires minimal set-up and ongoing administration.


Netezza appliances deliver high performance out of the box, with no indexing or tuning required. As an appliance, all of the integration of hardware, software and storage is done for you, leading to shorter deployment cycles and faster time to value for Business Analytics.


Netezza simplifies business analytics dramatically by consolidating all analytic activity in the appliance, right where the data resides. Netezza eliminates complexity at every step so you can redirect valuable resources to the initiatives that will actually impact the bottom line.

i-Class Technology

Moving analytics to TwinFin is straightforward with Netezza’s i-Class technology. i-Class supports a breadth of analytic tools and offers powerful engines and analytic libraries that execute analytics in parallel.

PureData Data Warehousing Products


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