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SQL Maestro for IBM PureData (Netezza)

SQL Maestro:
NES’ Purpose-Built ELT Data Integration Solution for IBM PureData/Netezza

Simplifies mapping data sources to PureData

Leveraging your organization’s data with analytics is a necessity in today’s competitive business landscape. However, most organizations planning to build a centralized analytical repository are typically faced with a complex challenge: how to aggregate data from all the disparate information silos into the warehouse appliance?

Extract, Load and Transform (ELT): The New Paradigm

Historically, ETL (Extract Transform and Load) solutions have served data integration purposes well. However, the software acquisition costs of ETL solutions are usually very high and the environments require a very specialized skill to support, tune as well as maintain. Often, ELT (Extract, Load and Transform), which is a foundation of Netezza’s architecture, is fully capable of meeting an organization’s data integration requirements.

SQL Maestro’s graphical user interface is designed to simplify the process of mapping data sources to Netezza. Much like Netezza, SQL Maestro is very easy to implement, configure and administer. Once the solution is installed and your data sources are mapped to the appliance-you can simply let Maestro and Netezza run together to aggregate your data.

Learn more about SQL Maestro:
SQL_Maestro_White_Paper_May2013 (PDF)

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