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Business Analytics

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Business analytics, also known as business intelligence (BI), lets smart people be smarter. It’s all about leveraging technology to find, gather, and analyze the information you need to make better, faster decisions—the information you need to compete. It’s one investment you can be sure will pay off: with higher revenues, reduced costs, and improved customer relations. NES has partnered with IBM Cognos to bring you a deep set of BI tools and applications such as Cognos, SPSS and Lotus.

This webinar features Max Dittakavi, Systems Engineer with NES, who is certified in both IBM Cognos 10 and IBM Netezza. Learn more about Netezza – Cognos integration based on his extensive background in data warehousing, business intelligence (BI), and project architecture and management.

IBM Business Analytics software delivers complete, consistent and accurate information that decision-makers trust to improve business performance.

A comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance and strategy management and analytic applications give you clear, immediate and actionable insights into current performance and the ability to predict future outcomes.

Combined with rich industry solutions, proven practices and professional services, organizations of every size can drive the highest IT productivity and deliver better results.

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Cognos software IBM Cognos software delivers reporting, planning and the full range of capabilities for business intelligence and performance management.

SPSS software IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics software helps organizations predict future events and proactively act upon that insight to drive better business outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Your data is a potential gold mine of patterns and associations—if you have the technology to dig them out. Predictive analytics is that technology. It helps you anticipate change and plan instead of react. It can help you retain customers, sell additional services to current customers, develop products more efficiently, and identify and minimize fraud and risk. More

Planning and Forecasting

Free your business from spreadsheet-based processes with IBM’s Cognos software. Your finance team can reduce the errors endemic to manual processes; generate more timely, adaptable plans, budgets, and forecasts; and start spending less time chasing data and more on the analysis you hired them for. More

Analytic Applications

Want to generate reports faster? NES can set you up with one of IBM’s Cognos Analytic Applications. These powerful, easy-to-use business analysis and reporting packages offer an integrated view of performance across functions and departments. And they connect seamlessly with your existing data systems. More


Make the most of your business intelligence. NES and the IBM Cognos 8 Mashup Service can give you new, Web-based ways to use the trusted BI content you already have. Go ahead, innovate. We’ll make sure that whatever you dream up integrates with your existing applications. More

Cognos Express

Cognos Express Online Demo and 30-Day Free Trial

IBM Cognos® Express is the first and only integrated business intelligence (BI) and planning solution purpose-built to meet the needs of midsize companies. It delivers the essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities that midsize companies need at a price they can afford. Everything is included in a pre-configured solution that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to buy.