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Big Analytics for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses and Organizations

Analytics platforms and implementation strategies based on IBM solutions and NES Analytic Services Frameworks

To be competitive in today’s environment, businesses of all sizes need the ability to transform business data into meaningful information. Until recently, only the largest organizations had the staff, budget and technical skills to implement an informatics environment.


Big Analytics Performance vs. Cost

Over the past several years, the analytics and data warehousing landscape has changed. Businesses of all sizes and types now need a centralized analytics and reporting platform to be more competitive, more efficient, more productive, more responsive and more profitable. This is no longer an option. It is a necessity.
Until recently, these advanced analytics solutions were only available to large organizations with significant financial, staff and technical resources. However, the business analytics market has evolved. Informatic solutions are becoming more accessible to the unique needs of small and mid-size businesses.
IBM and NES have architected and are successfully implementing analytics solutions targeted specifically for small and mid-size businesses with growing data volumes.

Small/Mid-Size Business Needs:
• Rapidly implemented analytics solutions that can be designed and deployed in weeks – versus months or years
• Infrastructures that do not require high levels of technical expertise to operate and maintain
• Technology that can keep up with the exponentially growing volume of data that is generated on a daily basis
• Business Intelligence reports that can be trusted and produced in an ad-hoc fashion in near real-time
• Affordable technology, from initial purchase through daily operation.

Case Study: SaaS-based Software Company

The entire POC was completed in 5 days, and clearly demonstrated Netezza’s ability to ingest massive amounts of information and deliver ad hoc sales data reports to the business’ decision-makers in real time. As an example, NES recently implemented its new mid-market business analytics offering for a SaaS-based (Software as a Service) software company that generates less than $20M in annual revenue. This business needed an analytics solution to assess buying patterns, trends of products being sold into particular geographies, as well as comprehensive data of poor-performing products. To keep up with the demands of the business with an ever-growing amount of data, the company was making significant investments year after year in hardware, infrastructure, applications and support services – yet still falling short of their growth and customer satisfaction targets.


• Increased threat of losing market share to competitors
• Difficulty acquiring and effectively servicing larger clients effectively de to the customer’s needs for more advanced analytics and information
• Increasing costs to manage their legacy information management environment

Design Parameters

• A solution that can handle large volumes of data
• A system to produce information through business intelligence reports to executives and customers in near real time.
• A system that is cost effective, requiring minimal effort and expense to maintain


Lower time to deployment for small and mid-size business analyticsAfter researching alternative approaches to satisfying their reporting and analytics needs, the business approached IBM and NES to determine if a solution existed within their budget that could address their analytics requirements. Through a series of conversations it was determined that IBM Netezza would be the best option. Netezza’s ability to process data in real time, its simplicity of operation and its ability to conduct ‘deep analytics’ answered the questions customers and executives were asking – and made it the logical choice.

NES conducted a proof of concept (POC) using the customer’s data and queries on NES’ Netezza servers, free of charge. The entire POC was completed in 5 days, and clearly demonstrated Netezza’s ability to ingest massive amounts of information and deliver ad hoc reports in real time. One of the keys to the Netezza system was its ease of operation and administration. Through NES’ pre-defined framework of services, the Netezza system was fully implemented, integrated with their existing data environment and production ready within six weeks.


• Reduced IT spend on infrastructure and personnel to manage the data environment
• Improved customer and business executive’s ability to analyze customer behavior and business performance
• Provided the company with the ability to gain market-share and increase revenue by pursuing larger customers that required
more advanced analytics
• Easily integrated with existing data environment
• Operation and administration required minimal training and staff support
• Fully implemented in 6 weeks

Examples of Business Analytics Dashboard from NES and IBMSolution Summary

IBM and NES have created an analytics framework specifically for small and mid-sized organizations. This package is comprised of a set of solutions and services that allow companies to create large scale analytics platforms starting at $100k, customized to their unique needs and circumstances. Depending on the organization’s requirements, IBM Netezza and the IBM Smart Analytics Platforms are two appliances that can be leveraged for informatics within this framework. NES has done this by establishing special services and solutions pricing, specifically for small and mid-sized organizations.

From a services perspective, the package includes a block of analytics services hours that are delivered by an NES solution architect, working within the NES analytics framework. The services framework is a predefined set of best practices with associated fixed increments of services hours that can be used to address the business’ needs and priorities. The solution is tailored specifically to the organization, to get the solution up and running quickly.

NES Analytics Services Framework*

Framework for Business Analytics offered by NES New England Systems

Recommendations on How to Get Started with Analytics

We begin many of these customer engagements by exploring your challenges and asking questions such as:

  • What kind of information does the business leadership ask for and how quickly do they need it?
  • What specificity and relevance of the report data could be improved?
  • How are you currently leveraging information to make decisions about customers, patients or members? How would you like to see that change?
  • What is your current information management infrastructure and how are you preparing to scaling it to today’s increasing data volumes?
  • What are the costs in maintaining your current information management environment and where might business analytics help you manage that?

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