Data Warehousing & Analytics

Glean insight from information

IBM offers a wide variety of data warehousing and analytic solutions enabling the best approach for each situation. From traditional multidimensional and data mining to mashups and high speed streaming, IBM has the right solution for gleaning insight from information.

InfoSphere Warehouse

Provides a comprehensive data warehouse platform that delivers access to structured and unstructured information in real time.

InfoSphere Warehouse Packs

Accelerator add-ons for InfoSphere Warehouse installations that contain physical data models & sample reports reducing data warehousing project time, deployment cost & risk.

Smart Analytics System

Provides a comprehensive portfolio of data management, hardware, software, & services capabilities that modularly delivers a wide assortment of business changing analytics.

Smart Analytics Optimizer for z/OS

Enables ‘train of thought’ analysis, enabling decision makers to perform business analysis, analyze trends, predict outcomes, and produce better business results.

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