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Master Data Management

A unified, accurate view of common data, readily available across your organization.

NES is proud to partner with IBM and their leading InfoSphere master data management solutions – helping organizations gain a single view of data and meet growth, revenue-generation & cost-reduction goals.

What is Master Data?

  • Master Data is common data about customers, suppliers, partners, products, materials, accounts and other critical “entities,” that is commonly stored and replicated across IT systems.
  • Master Data is the high-value, core information used to support critical business processes across the enterprise. It is at the heart of every business transaction, application, report and decision.

What is Master Data Management?

  • Master Data Management (MDM) is a discipline that provides a single, unified and trusted view of master data entities for any user or application.
  • MDM is a set of software solutions that manage the creation, maintenance and delivery of master data across the organization

What are the Business Challenges?

  • Data is incomplete, missing, duplicated, or inaccurate, growing exponentially and typically scattered within heterogeneous application silos across the enterprise…
  • …making business processes inefficient, ineffective, costly, and susceptible to organizational risk
  • …so companies need to provide an accurate trusted view of important data and make it available to all key business processes across the enterprise
  • …in order to make better business decisions, improve profitability, leverage relationships and reduce risk.


  • The market leading MDM portfolio, with proven scalability and performance, multi-domain and high volume implementations, IBM enables organization to adapt to changing business requirements
  • Recognize MDM benefits including increased revenue, reduced costs, increased customer/citizen/patient satisfaction, reduced risk and ability to enter new markets quickly
  • Fast time to value delivering significant ROI at many discrete points across the MDM journey
  • Flexible deployment options to support pre-built domains or custom domains and all implementation styles
  • Built-in vertical extensions to solve industry-specific challenges in financial services, insurance, healthcare, government, telco, retail, manufacturing, etc.
  • Ranked as leader by top analysts


InfoSphere Master Data Management Server
InfoSphere Master Data Management Server for Product Information Management
Initiate Master Data Service

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