Workshop: Cognos 10 Active Reports presented by NES

Join us on Tuesday, Sept. 18 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM in Waltham, MA for a hands-on workshop that will arm you with all the knowledge you need to have your remote employees up and running on Cognos 10! 

Gone are the days of working from a cubicle or traditional office. People are on the road more than ever and need the same type of up-to-date information they would have in the office.

IBM Cognos Active Reports is a new report output type that allows professional report authors to create inter-active report applications for offline or disconnected use. Attend this hands-on workshop to see how Cognos Active Reports provide full-featured report viewing so casual BI users can explore business information without having to rely on network connectivity.

Truly Portable Business Intelligence

  • Cognos Active Reports delivers a disconnected reporting application that is a stand-alone, self-contained file.
  • Professionally authored functions provide an engaging report or dashboard experience for the user.

Business Benefits

  • Deliver BI to a broad set of users quickly on small to medium data sets.
  • No training or authoring skills required to view the interactive report/dashboard.
  • Persistent connectivity no longer required for obtaining and viewing key business intelligence data.


For more information:

Katy Dallas
NES – A Premier IBM Business Partner

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